WoW Gold Prices 2015

Amount Price Shop profile Quick link
10,000 Gold $ 7.29 Guy4Game
15,000 Gold $ 10.89 Guy4Game
20,000 Gold $ 14.39 Guy4Game
30,000 Gold $ 21.49 Guy4Game
40,000 Gold $ 28.59 Guy4Game
50,000 Gold $ 35.69 Guy4Game
60,000 Gold $ 42.59 Guy4Game
70,000 Gold $ 49.59 Guy4Game
80,000 Gold $ 56.49 Guy4Game
90,000 Gold $ 63.39 Guy4Game
100,000 Gold $ 70.19 Guy4Game
120,000 Gold $ 83.99 Guy4Game
150,000 Gold $ 104.59 Guy4Game
180,000 Gold $ 125.19 Guy4Game
200,000 Gold $ 138.59 Guy4Game
250,000 Gold $ 172.69 Guy4Game
300,000 Gold $ 206.59 Guy4Game
350,000 Gold $ 240.29 Guy4Game
400,000 Gold $ 273.79 Guy4Game
500,000 Gold $ 341.09 Guy4Game
600,000 Gold $ 408.09 Guy4Game
700,000 Gold $ 474.59 Guy4Game
800,000 Gold $ 540.69 Guy4Game
900,000 Gold $ 606.29 Guy4Game
1,000,000 Gold $ 671.59 Guy4Game

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World of Warcraft Gold

What is World of Warcraft?
World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). In World of Warcraft, thousands of players will have the opportunity to adventure together in an enormous, persistent game world, forming friendships, slaying monsters, and engaging in epic quests that can span days or weeks.

The World of Warcraft Gold Guide is a 53 page strategy guide focusing on making a fortune in WOW. Making gold isn't difficult or even time consuming, you just need to know the right techniques.

Divided into two large sections, numerous chapters, and over 50 pages, the wow gold guide has methods for every level of player. As your character grows, so too will your options for accumulating enormous wealth!

All techniques described in this guide can be completed by a solo player. Turn your experience grinds directly into gold, your professions into profit, and learn how to use the auction house to make a huge bounty of gold.

The guide covers profitable monsters, hidden vendor secrets, professions, and more!

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